About us

This is a blog for a small organization with around 40-60 people that work with their mental health issues. We write to get the word out about Mental health issues within younger people and talk about it so people will know that it is okey to talk about and to let everyone know that we are not much different from others.

Who are we?

We are a voluntary organization called Mental Health Youth. We gather twice a week and we cook, talk, watch movies and other things that our group wants to do to get somewhat disconnected from their problems and not think about the issues.

Why did we start a blog ?

It started with our organization leader wanting to get the word out about Mental health amongs younger people. We are now an organization controlling this blog and we will be writing about how it is to live with mental health issues and what we struggle with.

What can you expect ?

You can expect honest writing about mental health. How it is, what it is and how we live with it. If you struggle or know someone, you might get something out of this blog.

What do we want?

We want everyone to be aware of the issues with mental health problems and why it is bad to keep it to yourself. We want everyone to know about it, talk about it and just be open.

Is it free to read the blog?

The blog is free. But again, we are a voluntary organization that has to have a place to meet arrange stands to let the word out and the money that is leftover goes into a crowdfunding campaign where we have a independed group selecting people that deservers a little boost in life either with furniture or paying a few bills. We then wish everyone could spare $1 donation either trough our donations or trough our GoFundMe campaign.

Why donate ?

As said. We are a voluntary organization, and without donations, we can't keep on going. We do not recieve any funding from the government and we live on the donations that we get.