Do you kiss your kids goodbye?

This might be a “off topic” post since many maybe think this blog only is about mental health, but it is not. This is where I write everything.

To the point.
2 days ago, I went on a trip for my organization where I’m gonna be away for 2 weeks to get more knowledge about Psycology, what to expect and what I can do when dealing with people who have mental health problems.

This is my 3rd trip in the last year where I’m going out of the contry to learn more about this so that I can be there more for the people I have.

It all started the day I was gonna travel out of the contry.
I delivered my kids to school / kindergarden and do everything I need to do there before I go.

Before I go, I give my two kids a kiss on the cheek. Then, what surprise me is that ONE parent next to me just said “gross” out loud. I have NO freaking idea why a parent would say gross to someone kissing their kids goodbye on the cheek.
I looked at her and I asked what the problem was.
She replied that: “Kissing your kids is like child molesting”.

“Excuse me” was my reaction. And she replied that: “Yes. Nobody should kiss their kids. It is discusting and should never happen, they can be damaged for life”.

I had no words. This is beyond what my brain can comprehend with at 07:30 in the morning. I just shaked my head and walked away.
I do not think that this mother had enough love in her life from her parents when she was young. Something definately happend to her, but I did not want to stand there and argue, and IF something bad had happened to her, then I would not open thos wounds.

What do you think?

Do you think it’s okey to kiss your kids goodbye when they leave for school or if you leave the contry for a few weeks?
Ànd where do you draw the line? Do you kiss on the cheek or the mouth?

I kissed my kids on the mouth untill they where about 4 years old, then I started with the cheek. ONLY because my kid asked me to. I can’t keep myself from showing love to my kids, and they are everything in my life, and my life would have been so much different without kids.

Please give a reply in the comments on where you draw the line.

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