Doing something new

Been a while, but have been so busy with work these past days, that time has just gone past without even noticing it.

I’m going home sooner than expected, so I will finaly get back to my kids on Sunday, and that I’m looking forward to.

These past days I have been on Mental Health seminars, course in psycology and done some work aswell.
I have been given green light from work to start learning a new skill that work can take advantage of and that I can build on more and more.
I chose C# and Xamarin framework to start making applications for mobile devices and continue more on VR development.

If anyone has any advice on good books or course, just send me an Email og write in the comments.

Whats new in Mental Health Youth

I have started 2 raisers to raise some money for people struggling in daily life. Either from economical difficulty, living situations and struggling with alot of work to support their family.

We decided in a group that we want to give food to the families that do struggle to make the ends meet. We will give family’s some “time off” to maybe go to the movies, out on a restaurant or just go out and do something together that they couldnt afford otherwise.

We feel that we have gotten good help over the years, some less than others, but we will give something back and hope that some familys will get better economical freedom after they get some help.

We will also gather some clothes, shoes, furniture and other things to give to those who need it. We know there are alot of organizations around here that already does this, but there are strict rules to get something, and we just want to give to those who are in need and struggle in the daily basis, no rules applied.

What happens next

Next we will just start gathering things and start raising some money. Then we will contact alot of people and see who they think should get something. Alot of people know someone that struggle, and if they get mentioned, we will visit them and start asking what they need.

I will update here when we start giving out things. Maybe even share a story from some of those who received things.

I will write again when I get back home and see what we will be doing and set up a good plan.

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