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Hello everyone.

It has been a ew busy weeks with work, kids, making an app and all that. I completely lost track of time.

Right on to it.
Next week, I will give the “controls” over to the organization for this blog. That means that the posts here will most likely come more often, and there will probably be alot more “content” than what it is at the moment.

The good difference between now and what is gonna be, is that the people who are gonna write here, are 4-6 different people with different kind of mental illness. We have one who has severe social anxiety, one has a big fear of death, one is a schizophrenia and one of them is bipolar. There might be 2 more to join the team, but they have not decided yet.

This decision comes from them, and this is something that they wanted to do. So I give them my blog to start using their creative sides.
I have asked them to first introduce themselves before they start writing whats on their minds.

With this, I do hope that as many as possible of you will share this blog and read what they are writing. After what I have seen that they have been writing in the past, I feel that this might be interesting.


Mental Health Youth for us, is to help others. This is why we as a organization is gathering money for good causes. We use to find causes that we do like to contribute to and where we can make a difference.

We do not only donate to cancer patients or other organization, but we mostly contribute where we feel that we can make a difference. Either in mental Health programs or with helping people have the tools they need to have a good life.
These are some of the projects we have contributed to:

  • | $800
  • | $450
  • | $700

These are some of the cases we have contributed in for the last 2 years and we will continue to contribute to these causes that we feel like need our help.

We have now found our new case. We will go out next week and sell things we have made and set up a donation stand to support this person

This is a person whon has not had a good life with his disease and has developed social anxiety and does not smile or laugh anymore because of his disease. We have contacted the person trough his GoFundMe page and his fiancé answered us that he himself does not know about the GoFundMe page and that this is a surprise from his fiancé.

We offered to stay as a contact organization to handle the contacts coming in and we said that we are gonna go out next week and raise some money for this man, so that he can go out with his kids and be the dad that he wants to be.

Here is the GoFundMe page, and I hope that as many as possible share this case and contribute, either trough GoFundMe or trough our blog under Donate and mark the payment as “Case on GoFundMe”.

There is not much everyone needs to collect. If everyone can spare $1-2, that is enough for this person to acctualy be outside with his kids and be the person he deserves to be.

I hope everyone is having a good day, and I do hope we all can help each other. We will report back here how much money we have managed to save up for this person and contribute trough his GoFundMe page.

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