I’m Anne and I have…

Good evening to all of you readers.

We are sitting here in our little location as a group and today we are making waffles and popcorn and are gonna watch a movie soon together to have some fun at the start of June (The first good summer month).

I just logged on here to tell a little about myself.
I have been here at Mental health youth for about 7 months now (newbie as some may call me). I’m a little geek and I love technology.

What do I have?

I have a few different diagnosis. I was at first diagnosed with ADHD. This is a diagnosis they after a few years threw out the window and started to look for new diagnosis. My symptoms where many, some of them where:

  • Talking alot. Making it hard for others to talk.
  • Lots of energy, hard to sit down and relax.
  • Being irritable.
  • Started to need less sleep than usual.
  • and so on…

Some of you might even know what I had here, but these are symptoms that can be normal when you are 17-18 years old and, well. We all know how girls can be in their late teens.

So I was finaly diagnosed as Bipolar, and this is a disease I will have to live with, and I think it’s good. I can not complain at all, since I acctualy did not end up where some people I know that has bipolar. Some of the people I know that has Bipolar, started with alcohol and drugs, but I did get help and got the right diagnosis before I went that far. Some are not that lucky.

How I control it

I control it in different ways. I have to have a set routine of the day. I have to wake up at 6:00H and go to work at 6:30H and work untill 15:30. Then I get home, cook dinner, go out for a jog and get back to relax the rest of the day.
This is my daily routine.
When I break my routine I feel that there is something wrong, but in a good way. I get more energy and I can go out, be with friends and all that in the weekends and some week days. We can’t only follow the same strict routine every day. That will just make me depressed.

I started going to a Mental Health youth meeting with a co-worker that was going there, and since that day I have been here, having fun, can talk about EVERYTHING without anyone judging me. This is a big relief and I do hope some of you do the same if you have an invisible disease that you would like to talk about.

So.. Thats me. Oh and I’m 21 years old. Forgot to mention that.

Hope to see you all later when I’m gonna write about bipolar disorder, what to do, not to do and how you can handle the disease and talk to people about it.

Don’t forget to hit that donation button if you feel like support a mental health youth organization that has been supporting it’s members for almost 10 years now.

Best regards Anne.

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2 months ago

Hello Anne,

I highly recommend reading that book for your disorder:

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