I’m Sara and I have…

Good evening everyone. I’m glad to be here writing to you all.
Last week, there was a post saying that we are gonna write a little of who we are and what we are stuggling with.

I will not be writing a big post, so here it goes.

My name is Sara, I’m 22 years old and I have been going to this Mental Health group for about 2 years now.
My problem is that I have a huge fear of death. Everything I can think of is, what will happen when I die, I will never see this world again, I will never see my loved ones again and will someone miss me and how long will it take before I’m forgotten.

This is what goes on in my head. I’m currently going to a psychiatrist and I’m getting good help. Going to this group also helps me get my mind of my problem and get friends. I have gotten pretty far after starting my treatment and I hope all of you will seek help when there is a problem.

This was all from me. I promised it would not be a long post from me, but you will hear from me frequently in this blog.
Post any questions you want, and I’ll answer it as best as I can.

Have a good day.

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