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Hello everyone.

There has been a few days since I wrote last, and I apologice for that. There has been so much going on lately that I could not get to everything at once.

After I got back from my trip, I came home with an infection in my body and had to be in the hospital for 4 days untill the infection got away, and this did so that alot of other things got pushed and when I got back home, there was alot of work to be done, be with the kids and all that follows.

Now after a few days healthy, I have decided to start on a new project. This project is just in its starting phase at the moment, but I’m hoping that it can be usefull for alot of people in the future.

I can’t say too much of it, other that I’m creating an app for Mental Health Youth. Not my organization, but in general.
I can’t say what features it is going to have other than that it is going to be a platform of information and connection and I hope that many of you will download it and maybe recomend it to someone you know may have mental health problems.

This is a mockup of the app’s front page. There will be alot of information in this application regarding different type of mental health problems.

So this is what I have been doing with my days. It’s new to me to make an application, but I hope it will be okey. This app will then work on both IOS and Android.
Take care everyone and try to help everyone that needs it.

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4 months ago

It’s not bad, because many of us know much about our mental health so, I think it will help us alot,

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