What is Mental Health and who gets it?

What is mental health? Is it contagious? Is it inherited?

Mental health refers to our cognitive, emotional and behavioral wellbeing. It is all about how we feel, behave and think.
Mental health can affect daily life, relationships, work, sleep and even physical health.

Mental health also includes a person’s ability to enjoy life – to attain a balance between life activities and efforts to achieve psychological resilience.

The definition of mental health is:

“Emotional, behavioral and social maturity or normality; the absence of a mental or behavioral disorder; a state of psychological well-being in which one has achieved a satisfactory integration of one’s instinctual drives acceptable to both oneself and one’s social mellieu; an appropriate belance of love, work and leisure pursuits.”

According to the WHO (World Helath Organization), mental health is:

“… a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.”

The WHO stresses that mental health “is not just the absence of mental disorder.”

Everyone has the potential to develope mental health problems. It does not matter if you are rich, poor, male, female or how old you are. Everyone can get it, and very often, mental health problems are tied to something that has happened to you. Sometimes this can be bullying in school (As for my case) or it can be a tragic incident from your life that gets you into this state of problems.

Some of the most common types of mental illness is Anxiety disorders, schizophrenia and mood disorders.

There is NO treatment for mental health problems that can cure it or that works for everyone. This is a problem that takes time to get away, or just to be able to handle in a daily basis.

For example, you can go to a doctor and talk to him / her about it, you can go to Psycotherapy (this is what I do) for cognitive behavioral therapy that may help you to controle your own mind to a certain point and be able to understand / see / feel when the attacks are coming and manage them.

Other things that can help you are medication. This can NOT cure mental disorders on this day, but some medication can improve the symptoms and make it easier to deal with the panic attacks or other problem you might have.

There is alot more that can help you, but I would suggest that the first step is to contact your doctor. Then you can decide with the doctor on what threatment that you want to try, and see how things turns out.

Most of the time, things end up on the positive side, and sometime it does not. Mental health is a very big problem, and about 1 out of 5 Americans have it, and this is just the numbers calculated out of how many has reported that they have problems.

About 90% of the population get some kind of mental illness during their lifetime. At the moment there is alot of people aged 11 – 19 that gets mental problems. This is also a very big issue, since alot of you people see mental problems as tabu. This is not something they should talk about.

But NOW, mental health problems are almost as common as many other small diseases, and WE want mental health problems to get out in the open.


SHARE mental health problems. Share everything that is written about Mental Illness. This is something that everyone should be aware of. Maybe you have issues? Maybe a family member, a friend, your wife, kids, fiancé or anyone else you know of, but you don’t know they have these problems.

Maybe you want to help them? See someone that is a little down, talk to them, invite them for coffe or ANYTHING else. There is so little that has to be done for THAT one person to feel good and appreciated.

I will share a small text I came over today, that i think everyone should read:

“I want menatl health to be so normalised that little children can tell their parents if they’re feeling mentally ill just like they would if they had a stomach ache or a fever.
I want mental health to be so normalised that school lets you go home after a panic attack episode like they do if you sustain an injury.
I want mental health to be so normalised that when someone’s in recovery the people around them ask for progress reports and send get well soon cards just like they would for any other sort of recovery.
I want mental health to be normalised because every mental health disorder is just as frightening, just as damaging as a life threatening injury and we pass people by every day who are so unwell in this sense but who don’t receive a fraction of the care they deserve just because mental health is unseen.”

Written by aesthentique

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4 months ago

thank you

Otuma Ongalo

4 months ago

The information is very useful. Mental health problems are key issues of concern in my country, Kenya.


4 months ago

Thanks for your comment Otuma.
I think mental health problems are a key issue in many countries. Some maybe more than others, but the problem is to get younger people to open up about it. The statistic of mental health with younger people are already shocking, BUT there is alot of dark numbers there from people who do not open up.

I think there are ALOT more people with mental health issues than we know of, and I think it should be a normal thing to do to talk about your problems and share them.

Rev Hoge Rabura

4 months ago

Very important information Mental health cases are rapidly increasing because of drugs intake and its effects: not only that but the issues of life poverty, unemployment, Education and traditions, culture, etc.


4 months ago

This is very true Rev.
Alot of things are the cause of anxiety and other mental problems. The only thing we can do at the moment is to start talking about it. If we do not talk about it, then it is not going to get better. I realy hope people start seeng mental problems as normal problems and starts to be more open. It is an issue we can’t hold to ourself since it can be very destructive.

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